WeHaveAFace TV is the first of its kind to offer a mainstream quality production to provide education, information, and resources to our population.  We aim to host interviews with our incredible community members and outstanding medical professionals - globally. 


WeHaveAFace TV will push the envelope, so our community is delivered accurate and vetted information.  We will also continue to discuss subject matter that is still considered taboo. WeHaveAFace TV will also celebrate the uniqueness of our international community - patients, caregivers, and families.

WeHaveAFace thanks our kind community for their ongoing love, support, and trust in our endeavors to broaden awareness and education about this disease.  We also thank our private donors for their financial support!  WeHaveAFace relies solely on private donations to continue our advocacy work. If you wish to donate, 100% of your donation will be allocated to our programs and services.

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WeHaveAFace TV - Season 2 Guests

TV series on changing the current diagnostic criteria for Huntington's disease

WeHaveAFace TV  -  James Valvano

Founder of WeHaveAFace.org

WeHaveAFace TV  -  Dr. Herwig Lange

George Huntington Institue, Germany

WeHaveAFace TV  -  Kevin Jess

VP WeHaveAFace Canada

WeHaveAFace TV  - Frances Saldaña 

Patient Advocate, California

WeHaveAFace TV  -  Dr. Hugh Richards

Professor of Neuropsychiatry, University of Birmingham, England

WeHaveAFace TV  -  Jen Almeida

Director of Communications - WHAF USA

Upcoming shows on changing the current diagnostic criteria for Huntington's disease