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International Surveys / Polls has always engaged with our international Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease community.  We must have our voices heard and our experiences understood.   Surveying the Huntinton's and Juvenile Huntington's community is vital in order for our needs to be met.  We have been pleased to work with many researchers and medical professionals throughout the years to help broaden awareness of the needs of our community.

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Project CHANGE!

Currently, is working with an international HD Diagnosis Working Group which hopes to make strides to change the current diagnostic criteria for Huntington's disease!

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Dr. Herwig Lange:

Neuropsychiatirst: George Huntington Institite of Germany

"Should the Diagnostic Criteria for Huntington's Disease be Reviewed and Updated?" and Dr. Herwig Lange have been pushing to have the diagnostic criteria reviewed and updated for over a decade.  We are pleased to announce that our international survey was successful.

Currently closed.


What is the importance of a diagnosis of Huntington's disease to you? thanks over 4,000 participants in our poll pertaining to this very important question about diagnosis.  Please review the results.

Currently closed. 


Dr. Kelsy Finn: Researcher - Mayo Clinic

"Talking to Kids About HD"

We were pleased to work with Dr. Kelsey Finn on this international survey.  The survey was successful!

Currently closed. is the only unpaid, volunteer-only international Huntington's disease nonprofit organization.  Your support to help us broaden awareness of Huntington's disease is so important.  Please consider donating today.  We truly thank you in advance. 

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