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Virtual Support Group Meetings!

Weekly Virtual Support Group Meetings!

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST) has held many in-person and virtual support groups over the years. Due to COVID-19, WeHaveAFace invites you to join our next virtual support group meeting! We continue to harness secure and robust technologies to reach and support our HD/JHD community on a global scale.

*Each virtual support group will allow for a maximum of 10-15 patients and caregivers to provide the necessary time and support for each user.  As per our policy, recording of audio and video are prohibited.  

*If you will be joining us via your Smart Phone, please visit your Android or Apple App Store and download the free Jitsi application. If you will be joining us via your laptop, desktop, or iPad, you will not need to download the application. 

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