top of page respects and deeply understands the need for privacy. Each of us are touched by Huntington's disease or Juvenile Huntington's disease, some in more than one way.

Each of us believes that the right to privacy is paramount!


  • Documentary Participation / Website Video Participation and Projects


Once a video submission (no matter its length), or a photo has been submitted, received, or filmed by and is incorporated within the trailer and/or any of the finished production(s) completion of the documentary, all portions will remain within the versions and cannot be removed or altered.  Inasmuch, any/all photos/videos included within any website content or video distribution, cannot be removed or altered.


Any outside establishment must adhere to our policy before sharing, using, borrowing the trailer and future full-length documentary in any event, forum, within other films, and the like ( Global HUBS has the right to deny usage of any of the footage). The finished documentary (in its entirety, segments, or shorts), may be released by via YouTube, Vimeo, festivals, events, or any other venue deemed necessary by, for awareness and/or educational purposes. Updates!

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