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Osceola County Legislative Delegation

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As thousands in the Huntington's community are aware, we celebrate the month of May as "HD/JHD Awareness Month."  Each of us unite as one to spread awareness for both the juvenile and adult on-set of Huntington's disease.  


On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, I was blessed to have been invited via Rocky Haag (Rep. Mike LaRosa, Florida House of Representatives, District Secretary) to attend and give a 3 minute address before the delegation committee.  


Although nervous, I did my best to brief the delegation committee on both JHD and HD.  It was imperative that they understand as many aspects of this disease as possible (in a 3 minute address).  To honor my late father, Joseph T. Valvano, I asked Mr. LaRosa and the entire delegation committee if I could have August 11th as:

"Wear Blue or Purple for Huntington's Disease Awareness Day" for Florida. 

Please email me to request a copy of my letter to the committee.


In my address, I made it clear that there are two colors which must be recognized - blue for adult on-set, and purple for juvenile on-set of the disease. I also explained to the committee that I was in the process of finishing a documentary which will encompass many aspects of Huntington's.    


I am currently waiting to hear from Rebekah Hurd - Mr. Mike LaRosa's Legislative Aide, FL House of Representatives.  I will update this page as I receive additional information. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.  You are loved!

Osceola County Legislative Delegation Agenda 

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