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Juvenile Huntington's Disease Research

"JHD Research Assistance Fund" USA is dedicated to funding research for Juvenile Huntington's disease. It is paramount that our amazing researchers receive every penny that is raised towards research. needs your help to assist our researchers in finding viable treatments or the cure for Juvenile Huntington's disease! USA supports the efforts of Dr. Jan Nolta, Dr. Kyle Fink, and their entire team at UC Davis, as well as Dr. Peg Nopoulos of the University of Iowa - Kids-HD and Kids-JHD. 


Since our inception, WeHaveAFace had directly funded over $35,000.00 towards Juvenile Huntington's disease research. 


Our goal for 2020 is to continue to fund JHD research.  With your generous donations, we will get closer to finding a viable treatment or the cure!


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100% of your donation minus credit card transaction fees are directly donated to JHD Research!

Dr. Kyle Fink - UC Davis for Regenerative Cures


Dr. Kyle Fink, Department of Neurology, is working on highly exciting and novel approaches in which to treat Juvenile Huntington’s disease (JHD) at the DNA level. His team, including talented Graduate Student Peter Deng, works closely with the labs of Dr. David Segal from the Genome Center and Dr. Jan Nolta from the Stem Cell Program at UC Davis to translate exciting gene editing/modifying techniques to hopefully one day treat those suffering from JHD.


The team using DNA binding domains such as zinc fingers, TALE, and CRISPR/Cas9 to specifically shut down only the mutant huntingtin gene in the regions of the brain most affected by JHD. A major component of this work is to develop methods in which to safely and efficiently deliver these potent therapeutics to the brain. These ongoing efforts involve national and international collaborations to test the best system in which to move towards clinical trials. The team is focusing on testing these therapeutics in mouse models of the disease and is beginning to see very exciting results.


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Dr. Peg Nopoulos - University of Iowa

The Kids-HD Study and the Kids JHD Study are both brain imaging studies run by researchers in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Our research is about kids who have a parent or a grandparent who has Huntington Disease. Huntington Disease (or HD) is a brain disease that is passed through families, so someone with a parent who has it is at risk of having it someday, too. HD causes parts of the brain to stop working like they should. Usually, this happens when a person is already grown up, but some people might have small problems in their brain for a long time before any bigger problems start. This study will try to find those early, small problems and measure them.

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Watch the 2018 Convention Video!

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