WeHaveAFace.org Germany HUB

WeHaveAFace.org is expanding its reach to Germany with the guidance and participation of Dr. Herwig Lange.  Currently, Germany does not have a legal nonprofit status under WeHaveAFace.  However, our aim is to build a team in this region and to have a legal registered charity by 2018.  


​​WeHaveAFace.org thanks Dr. Herwig Lange for his help to widen our services to better the lives of our Huntington's and and Juvenile Huntington's patients and families. WeHaveAFace.org aims to broaden global awareness of Huntington's disease and Juvenile Huntington's disease. We must do everything we can to help find treatments or a cure for this disease. By embracing and utilizing various state-of-the-art technologies: international videos, films, radio, mobile application, electronic publications, and mainstream social networks, we will continue to reach our peers in the Huntington's community, as well as educating the general public.

​WeHaveAFace is the premier multimedia advocacy organization for Huntington's disease. The Board of Directors, Advisors, Advocates of WeHaveAFace are unpaid volunteers. The decision to remain as an unpaid, volunteer-only organization was to ensure that our priorities remain focused on allocating 100% of donations to our Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's community via education, resources, and financial needs. It is also our mission to directly fund Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease research.



Herwig W. Lange, MD

George Huntington Institute

European HD network EHDN

HD research group of the World Federation of Neurology 

Associate of HSG

We are pleased to have Dr. Herwig Lange as a Medical Advisor for our entire suite of programs. 

Email Dr. Lange to join us as an advocate for Germany and surrounding areas!

Email: Dr. Herwig Lange

Münster, Germany

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James Valvano - Founder

James has over twenty years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. James was diagnosed with Huntington's disease in 2009, and is a care provider for his brother John.  James lost his father from cancer and Huntington's disease in 2012.  There are dozens at risk in his family.


HDSA - June, 2016 Marjorie Guthrie Award Recipient 

HSG - Huntington Study Group Associate Member

EHDN - European Huntington's Disease Network Member


Residential Counselor for Catholic Charities (NY)

Program Manager / Program Training (FL) for the OARC

Group Home Management (FL) for Spectrum Community Services

AMAP Certified       

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate via Rollins College (FL)

Ian V. Torrington - President