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WeHaveAFace.org England and Wales aim to broaden awareness of Huntington's disease and Juvenile Huntington's disease in our communities.  Huntington's disease is a hereditary, genetic, and terminal brain disease for which there is no treatment or cure. Imagine having ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Bi-polar, and Schizophrenia all at the same time.  This is Huntington's disease! 


WeHaveAFace England and Wales is registered with Companies House.  We look forward to receiving our Charity Status in 2018.  We will provide an assistance fund to better the lives of our patients and families. 

Volunteer Board of Directors


Carol Kennedy: President

Carol has forty-four years of experience in caring, nursing, and training in health and social care. Carol is a qualified and certified - Professional "Train the Trainer" in learning in the lifelong sector. She has her English National Board Qualification in Clinical Teaching and Assessing, and in Research Application, from the University of Southampton and Bournemouth in the South of England. Carol has decades of experience working with juveniles with disabilities via group homes. Carol is deeply passionate and committed to bringing knowledge and awareness of Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease via teaching patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. 

Healthcare Professional (RGN, RDSA, RM, IV.)

Lead Trainer for WeHaveAFace HD3 Accreditation 

Email: Carol@WeHaveAFace.org

Phone: 7096644057

Christchurch, England

Steve Kennedy: Vice President

Steve is a part-owner and Company Director for an Independent Training Company - CK Independent Training.  CK Independent Training specialises in Health and Social Care and specialist subjects including Huntington's disease. Steve is also Health and Safety Manager of a large chain restaurant and is involved in arranging events for fundraising.  Steve has been involved in organising and planning fundraising events for the past eight years.


Qualifications:  Certificate in Management, Computer Skills and has gained a Certificate in Education.

Email: Steve@WeHaveAFace.org

Christchurch, England

Daneil Stallworthy: Treasurer

Christchurch, England

Paramjit Oberoi: Ambassador for WeHaveAFace England and Wales

Paramjit cares for her daughter, who has Juvenile Huntington’s disease. She also cared for her late husband for 25 years. Paramjit is keen to share her caring experiences to raise awareness of the impact that caring can have – especially as a single parent juggling family life, caring and work. Paramjit has worked in the public and voluntary sector for over 40 years – including lecturing at Derby University and roles in Derbyshire social services and Nottingham city council. With a special interest in end of life issues, she has spoken at the NHS end of life care conference. She is Chair of the ‘Care to Write Group’ and runs Sheenamswish – a charity supporting people with Juvenile Huntington’s disease. She has served on a number of Boards and voluntary groups including the Board of Greater Derby Primary Care Trust and the Advisory Group for the Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme. Paramjit is an ex-JP (Justice of Peace) and school governor.

Email: Paramjit@WeHaveAFace.org

Derby, England

Herwig W. Lange, MD

George Huntington Institute

European HD network EHDN

HD research group of the World Federation of Neurology 

Associate of HSG

We are pleased to have Dr. Herwig Lange as a Medical Advisor for our entire suite of programs. 

Münster, Germany

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WeHaveAFace.org England and Wales appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Currently, we have a Huntington's Disease Assistance Fund, an HD3 Training Fund, and a General Operations Fund.  In the very near future, we will also have a Huntington's Disease Research Fund.  

Donors chose where there donations are allocated.

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