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The Huntington's Disease Project

Imagine that a monster came into your life. A monster that turns your life upside down...a terminal and heartless monster...a monster that knows that no one can kill it. The monster does not care if you are black or or straight. It affects males, females, and knows no ethnic and racial boundaries. It does not discriminate! Those of us in the Huntington's disease community worldwide say that having Huntington's disease is like having ALS, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, and Parkinson's disease all at the same time. With an amazing group of my peers, we built a movement that has travelled across the globe since 2011. We created, and with the participation of an online international community, we watched thousands remove their masks and tell their stories about what this monster truly does to a person. We are not actors portraying a story, but the ones living it every day! The Huntington's Disease Project removes the mask and allows the public a private and personal view of what it is like to live with this disease. The monster hates that we created this film, because it knows that sooner than later the world will know that it exists, and it will be destroyed. We must kill the monster, known as Huntington's disease. Inc. Updates!

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