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WeHaveAFace England and Wales

1st Conference and Premiere of the

Award-winning Juvenile Huntington's Documentary:

"The Purple Road"

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Tuesday, 30th October 2018

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Freemason's Hall

Knole Road 





9.00 AM -    Registration and Reception

10.00 AM -  Freemason's Welcome to the Knole

10.10 AM -  Introduction: Daniel Heath, Carol Kennedy, James Valvano

10.30 AM -  James Valvano: Founder of WHAF

10.45 AM -  Dr. Herwig Lange of the George Huntington Institute - Germany

11.05 AM -  Coffee and Biscuits 


11.35 PM -  Carol Kennedy: HD3 Update

11:.50 PM - Paramjit Oberoi: Mother of daughter Sheenam with JHD

12.15 PM - Lunch and Stands


13:30 PM - Ann Pathamanaban: HDA for South West England


14.00 PM - 15-minute break


14.15 PM - Introduction to "The Purple Road" Documentary

14:30 PM - Premiere of "The Purple Road" Documentary

16.30 PM - Questions with James Valvano


17.30 PM - Closing comments: Daniel Heath and Carol Kennedy

Free Admission / Donations Appreciated

Hot Buffet and Refreshments

Please contact Steve or Viv directly for tickets:

Contact:  Steve Kennedy
Mobile: 07505011789

Contact:  Viv Berry
Mobile: 07889920980

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