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Huntington's Disease Assistance Fund - Canada

The "Huntington's Disease Assistance Fund" will help those directly affected by Huntington's disease and Juvenile Huntington's disease and their families. Currently, there are very few financial resources for those of us within the Huntington's disease community.


WeHaveAFace Canada began its mission in April 2017.  WeHaveAFace Canada has been blessed to provide over $2000.00 of assistance to our Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's disease families in 2017.


In 2017, WeHaveAFace assisted families struggling with the financial burdens of this disease: Groceries, Clothing, Utilities, Equipment, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Wishlist support.

Huntington's Disease Assistance Fund 


Your donation will help those in the Huntington’s community with various financial needs, or necessary items! We also help families with holiday dinners and so much more! 100% of of donations via check are allocated to "The Huntington's Disease Assistance Fund" to provide financial and other needs to HD/JHD community members. Your donation will also help support programs which will directly benefit the lives of Huntington's and Juvenile Huntington's patients. Donations received via PayPal/Credit Cards are subject to a service fee. 100% of the proceeds following these fees are allocated to the fund.


Send Checks: Canada Canada

51 Sophia Street

Brockville, Ontario Canada


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