• The Symptoms and Stages of Huntington's disease

  • Beginning Stage:

    Psychological: Onset of anxiety / irritability / depression / apathy / short tempered /social withdrawal
    Cognitive: Difficulty with problem-solving and multitasking / Scholastic performance difficulties
    Physical: Some involuntary movements (chorea) of: (fingers / hands / arms / legs / face / Involuntary eye
    movements) - some sexual issues (inability / loss of desire - or increased sex-drive - or promiscuity)
    *Many within our community have reported these symptoms and experiences.  Note: Individuals are still
    able to maintain employment, however they may experience concentration issues and other "softer

  • Mid Stage: (progressed symptoms)

    Psychological: Anxiety / irritability / depression / apathy / social withdrawal / short tempered / varied
    aggression / outbursts
    Cognitive: Memory degradation / Further decline with problem-solving and multitasking / Impaired
    Physical: Progressed involuntary movements (chorea) of extremities (body - face - eyes) - reduced
    dexterity  / Unable to work / Decline in independence / Needing assistance from care-provider(s) /
    Problems with weight-loss / Swallowing complications

  • Late Stage:  
    Physical symptoms (chorea) may progress or stop completely.  Individuals at this stage can no longer
    walk and communicate verbally with others.  Individuals at this stage are dependent on care-providers
    for all their needs. Huntington's disease death is caused by choking, infection, and heart failure.
Huntington's Disease Affects...
Care providers
Medical Professionals
The misdiagnosed
The imprisoned
The homeless
The at risk
All races—ethnicities
Sexual orientations
It affects EVERYONE
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