WeHaveAFace.org was founded to increase international awareness of Huntington's
disease through a cinematic form. Since its inception, this is the first
alliance of
grassroots organizations in the Huntington’s disease community to come together for a
single project. Founded in March 2011, we have taken a multifaceted approach toward
advocacy.  In a concerted effort and partnership, WeHaveAFace.org and Help4HD-
International.org aim to produce a comprehensive international documentary, which will
incorporate the stories and experiences of our peers in many countries across the
globe, as well as including interviews with international HD organizations, HD
researchers, and HD medical professionals.  A production of this magnitude has never
been tried before, and will serve as an educational tool for the entire Huntington's
disease community.  We are so pleased to have the support and participation of our
international community and medical professionals who believe in our mission.

Help4HD-International.org and  WeHaveAFace.org redesigned our way of advocating
for Huntington's disease, and broadened our international reach.  As grassroots
organizations, we utilized every aspect of technology and media to advocate for
Huntington's disease.  "Help4HD" radio programming, with close to 100,000
international listeners, became an essential part of how we formatted and outlined the
future documentary and its topics.  We pushed the envelope and created many
additional resources: TheHuntingtonsPost.org, Research4HD.org,  the "Help4HD"
mobile application, The Faces of HD Magazine, the Circle of Support, and so much
more.  Each of these resources are influential to the production of The Huntington's
Disease Project. The Huntington's Disease Project is an independent, educational
movement, comprised of a team of
Regional Advocates within the JHD/HD community.  
The  documentary will provide our global communities with the full truth of Huntington's
disease.  We must educate, enlighten, and inspire hope, internationally.    
WeHaveAFace.org and "The Huntington's Disease Project" is a
program of Help4HD-
International.org. To produce the international documentary, we are seeking corporate
sponsorships.  Currently, the project is not yet completely funded,
however with the
support of our sponsors, our aim
is to begin filming in early spring 2014!

*All individuals associated with WeHaveAFace.org are unpaid volunteers as well as
individuals interviewed: families, medical professionals, etc.  

*All donations for the documentary are received by the governing nonprofit organization -
Help4HD-International.org, and allocated specifically to produce the documentary.*
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