Our mission is to use social media and film to broaden
awareness of Huntington's disease on an international

In March 2011, we chose a multifaceted approach
toward advocacy.  We aim to produce a comprehensive
international documentary, which will incorporate the
stories and experiences of our peers in many countries
across the globe, as well as including interviews with
international HD organizations, HD researchers, and HD
medical professionals.  

Our first documentary will be a "Short" which will
"The Huntington's Disease Project: Removing the Mask"

We will resume filming in September 2014 with a goal to
complete the "Short" documentary by December 2014.  
We are extremely excited to get back on the road to

The Huntington's Disease Project is an independent,
educational movement, comprised of a team of
Advocates within the JHD/HD community.  The  
documentary will provide our global communities with
the full truth of Huntington's disease.  We must
educate, enlighten, and inspire hope, internationally.   
Currently, the project is not yet completely funded,
however we hope in the future that we will be able to
produce the film!

*All individuals associated with WeHaveAFace.org are
unpaid volunteers as well as individuals interviewed:
families, medical professionals, etc.
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