These topics will be included within the documentary.  Huntington's disease is more than a movement disorder, and we must
    shed light on all aspects of this disease!  We must not be afraid to tell the full truth of this disease!

  • JHD / HD: What are the differences?
  • Psychiatric, behavioral, and emotional manifestations throughout stages of JHD/HD
  • Testing: Difficulties receiving disability / Trouble with getting diagnosed by medical professionals
  • Medical records discrimination – labeling patients and/or discrimination from doctors
  • What is CAG? How "perfect" is the scale?
  • Suicide - Why are suggested rates of suicide higher in the HD community than in the general public?
  • Sexual behavior: Promiscuity / Ability / Inability / Relationships
  • Stress management within the family - Anger / Disconnects / Denial / Realizing our limits and what is in our control.
  • Relationships: How does JHD/HD affect relationships of all kinds?  Additional caregiver support!  Abuse?
  • Telling your children about JHD/HD.  How resilient are children? *The psychological approach / opinion*
  • Imprisonment of HD individuals / Arrest(s) of HD individuals / Homelessness
  • Alcoholism and/or Drug addictions
  • End of life issues: Euthanasia, Feeding Tubes, DNR, DNI (Do Not Intubate), NP (No Pressors)
  • How does someone with JHD/HD die? *Why: choking, infection, heart failure*
  • Having children once diagnosed positively with HD / Termination / HD-free family IVF/PGD / Adoption
  • Finding treatments or the cure: Research / Studies and Trials
  • Survivor guilt syndrome / Abandonment (testing negative and feeling alone/forgotten)
  • Necessary adaptive equipment for JHD/HD patients, and food preparation
  • Financial issues and the need for financial aid for JHD/HD
  • Affects of EMF (cordless phones/wireless devices) on JHD/HD
  • Celebrating the amazing JHD/HD advocates, organizations, and medical professionals worldwide!

    Our aim is to produce a comprehensive, international documentary.  We must engage the international audience and discuss
    many aspects of HD/JHD which are quite frequently ignored.
    Please email us if you wish to add a specific topic!

    **Please be sure to refresh your browser to see updated topics added to this page.**
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