These topics will be included within the documentary.  Huntington's disease is more than a movement disorder, and we must shed
    light on all aspects of this disease!  For the longest time, no one took the initiative to document the most difficult subject/topics
    relating to Huntington's disease. will no longer hide...too many around the world want the truth to be told.  
    We must not be afraid to tell the full truth of this disease!  It is time to "Remove the mask" and document these topics!

  • JHD / HD: What are the differences?
  • Psychiatric, behavioral, and emotional manifestations throughout stages of JHD/HD
  • Testing: Difficulties receiving disability / Trouble with getting diagnosed by medical professionals
  • Medical records discrimination – labeling patients and/or discrimination from doctors
  • What is CAG? How "perfect" is the scale?
  • Suicide - Why are suggested rates of suicide higher in the HD community than in the general public?
  • Sexual behavior: Promiscuity / Ability / Inability / Relationships
  • Stress management within the family - Anger / Disconnects / Denial / Realizing our limits and what is in our control.
  • Relationships: How does JHD/HD affect relationships of all kinds?  Additional caregiver support!  Abuse?
  • Telling your children about JHD/HD.  How resilient are children? *The psychological approach / opinion*
  • Imprisonment of HD individuals / Arrest(s) of HD individuals / Homelessness
  • Alcoholism and/or Drug addictions
  • End of life issues: Euthanasia, Feeding Tubes, DNR, DNI (Do Not Intubate), NP (No Pressors)
  • How does someone with JHD/HD die? *Why: choking, infection, heart failure*
  • Having children once diagnosed positively with HD / Termination / HD-free family IVF/PGD / Adoption
  • Finding treatments or the cure: Research / Studies and Trials
  • Survivor guilt syndrome / Abandonment (testing negative and feeling alone/forgotten)
  • Necessary adaptive equipment for JHD/HD patients, and food preparation
  • Financial issues and the need for financial aid for JHD/HD
  • Affects of EMF (cordless phones/wireless devices) on JHD/HD
  • Celebrating the amazing JHD/HD advocates, organizations, and medical professionals worldwide!

    Our aim is to produce a comprehensive, international documentary.  We must engage the international audience and discuss
    many aspects of HD/JHD which are quite frequently ignored.
    Please email us if you wish to add a specific topic!

    **Please be sure to refresh your browser to see updated topics added to this page.**
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